Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hair Tips: Top 5 Diet for Healthy Hair

For healthy hair, just taking care of hair isn’t enough. Besides shampooing and conditioning, you need to give your body necessary nutrients. It is told by doctors that, hair needs a perfect diet for becoming healthy. 

A perfect diet provides all the necessary nutrients for hair. Hair tips isn’t only about how to shampoo and how to moisturize your hair. It is also about what foods to eat and what to not. This post will explain diet for healthy hair which is very important for hair. Here are the tips:

Salmon, health tips, hair tips

Salmon fishes are great for hair. They are rich in protein, Vitamin D as well as Omega-3 Fatty Acid. The fatty acids found in it helps to grow hair. Hair shafts (about 3%) are also made with these acids. Some other food source of this fatty acid is trout, sardines, herring and walnuts too.

Walnuts, health tips, hair tips

There are many types of nuts. But these are the only one that contains a good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. You can also get biotin as well as Vitamin E from them. These materials protect DNA damage which is very essential for healthy hair. You can also add walnut oil to your foods.

Potatoes (Sweet):
Sweet potatoes, health tips, hair tips

Sweet potatoes are also a great diet for healthy hair. They are rich with antioxidant, which is very essential for health. These antioxidants turn into Vitamin A in your body. A body without enough vitamin A can’t hope to get healthy hair at all. Carrots, Mangoes, Pumpkins etc. also contains vitamin A.

Oysters, health tips, hair tips

Zinc is a very essential nutrient for the body. It is not only important for healthy hair; it improves the health of the body too. Oysters are rich with this vital nutrient Zinc. A body without enough Zinc will lose hair eventually. Oysters are a good source of protein too. So, taking Oysters is an important hair tip.

eggs, health tips, hair tips

You can get a lot of nutrients from eggs. They are protein, zinc, iron, sulfur and selenium. So, eggs are undoubtedly great diet for healthy hair. Note that lack of iron cause hair loss. Meats are also a great source of iron.

These are the top 5 diets for healthy hair. Always keep in mind that for healthy hair, effort needs to be done in external and internal ways. Without the combination of these two, your dream of healthy and gorgeous hair can’t become true. Never lose hope. Just follow these diets for healthy hair. You’ll surely get success.

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