Saturday, May 24, 2014

Computer Tips and Tricks: Speed Up Your PC

If you have a computer, then you must face the problem of a slow computer. Slow computers are boring. You can’t do work well when your PC is slow. Games, movies, internet all will take a lot of time to load. As time passes, your PC gets loaded with junk files and applications.

You need to get rid of those. There are many online tools to clean up your PC from these junks. Here are some computer tips and tricks to speed up your PC:

Free up your PC:

At first you need to get rid of all unused and unwanted applications and files. Follow these tips and tricks for speeding up PC easily:
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  • ·         Look at the right side of the task bar. There you’ll see a group of icons named as system tray. These icons mean that they are starting or at least partially running. Every running program uses memory and processing power of your PC. If you close the unused programs, then these powers and memory will be returned. So, click on the processor tab from your task bar and end as much as processors you can.
  • ·         You can also enable or disable taskbar functions from a utility that is available in the windows. For finding this utility, go to ‘run’ from ‘start’ and write in “MSCONFIG”.
  • ·         There are some freeware programs which can do this service for you. One of them is ‘Game Booster’. This program will disable all the unused programs running in your background and speed up your PC.
  • ·         You will see many fancy things that will make the outlook of your PC more gorgeous. But the truth is they need a definite amount of computing power. So, turning off these fancy features will save you a lot of power and speed up PC.

MSCONFIG, speed up pc, computer tips and tricks
Hardware managements to speed up PC:
Hardware management, speed up PC, computer tips and tricks

These tips and tricks will make your hardware reach beyond its standard level of limit. Some small adjustments will serve you, better for speeding up PC. Such as:
  • ·         Check your computer if it is over hot. If it is, then there seem possibilities of your hardware not functioning well. To lower the temperature, you need to increase the computer fan speed. There is a program named ‘Speed Fan program’. You can use it to monitor your PC’s temperature and the speed of the fan.
  • ·         Increase the memory bandwidth of your PC will serve you some good results. For this purpose, go to the RAM frequency from BIOS menu. From there you can increase the frequency. Keep in mind of the temperature while changing the frequency.
  • ·         If you are using PC to play high quality games and see HD movies, then an overclock of the graphics card will increase the performance of your PC. For overclocking, always be careful otherwise it may cause hardware failure.

These are some great computer tips and tricks for speeding up PC. Hope these tips and tricks will serve you better!

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